Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mon Noël en France

It's almost Christmas now, about one week left, and I miss American christmas everyday. But I would'nt want to ever give this year up. I'm trying to live my days here as best I can, enjoying every moment because I know later in my life, i'm going to miss these. I have a bunch of friends now at school, and I enjoy seeing them when I can. But somedays it's impossible being in a school of this size. I saw my first french snow today, it was such a great surprise when I woke up. The christmas trees here are all so tiny, they dont really want to do an extravagant celebration like Americans. My first moving date is in about two weeks, it's insane how i've been here for almost four months. Doing this exchange has made me into such an independent and brave person, going back home will be sad and happy at the same time. I love this country and I know I belong here.

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